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Please confirm your study type with your home university Study Abroad Officer as some universities offer exchange and fee-paying places.Exchange Student - a student from a university that has an exchange agreement in place with Swansea University. This student will not pay Swansea University any tuition fees, apart from the two week Pre-Sessional course in British Culture and Politics should they choose to take it at a cost of £500.Fee Paying Visiting Student - a student who pays Swansea University's tuition fees either directly to Swansea University or via their home university who may pay on their behalf.
Study period dates are provisional - exact dates will be confirmed with your acceptance at SwanseaThe Fall Term is only available to US direct enrolment students and is subject to exam restrictions.*If you choose to study in Term 1 you must ensure the modules you select do not have an examination assessment in January

British Culture & Politics since 1945

This programme is taught over a two week period before the start of the semester and provides an introduction to major themes and events that have shaped social, cultural and political development of the UK since the end of World War Two using British literature, films, music and popular culture to illustrate it.  This popular programme also includes excursions around the local area.  The programme is worth 10 SU credits and the cost can be included within the tuition fees for a semester (60 SU credits) or a full-year (120 SU credits) for fee paying students.  Should the maximum number of credits be exceeded for the year/semester the programme is available at a cost of £750. Exchange students may also choose to study this programme at a cost of £750.

Please note: an additional 2 weeks accommodation will be charged for this course.

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Module/Course Selection and Restrictions

Module Equivalence: 120 Swansea University Credits = 60 ECTS credits

  • Modules/courses at Swansea University are either taught in Semester 1 (TB1 modules), Semester 2 (TB 2 modules) or throughout the whole academic year (TB1 & 2 modules).
  • Students spending Semester 1 or Term 1 at Swansea can only select modules/courses taught and examined in Teaching Block 1 (TB1 only).
  • Students spending only Semester 2 at Swansea can only select modules/courses taught and examined in Teaching Block 2 (TB2 only).
  • Full year students can select up to a total of 120 Swansea University credits.
  • Semester students can select up to a total of 60 Swansea University credits.
  • Students are advised to select Year 1 (HE level 4) or Year 2 (HE level 5) modules. With the discretion of a department it may be possible to select Year 3 (HE level 6) if students have a sound background in that subject area. It is at the discretion of departments whether they allow Undergraduate students to pursue level M modules.
  • Postgraduate exchange students entering Swansea University are allowed to select up to one semester worth of Master Level (M) modules/courses.
  • Due to timetabling, module capacity and other restrictions it is not possible to confirm final module selections until students arrive and enrol at Swansea University. There is a two-week “Add/Drop” period at the beginning of each semester in which to change or confirm module/course selections. No changes can be made after this 2 week period.
  • IMPORTANT: Some modules/courses are NOT available to Visiting & Exchange students.
  • View our Module Catalogue for more information: Students should consult the module information carefully to check for statements such as ‘Available to Visiting & Exchange students’.

Examinations and Assessment

When selecting modules/courses students must pay attention to the method of assessment. Some are assessed by essay, others by examinations.

  • Semester 1 (TB1) modules/courses: Some modules have examinations in January and students are required to be present in Swansea for these. Some modules require the submission of coursework. It is the responsibility of students to check the method of assessment before selecting their modules.
  • Students not planning to be in Swansea for the assessment period need to select modules assessed by coursework and class tests rather than by examination in January.
  • Semester 2 (TB2) modules/courses : All examinations take place in May/June.
  • Students are required to be present at all set examinations and should NOT arrange return flights home until their final examination timetable is confirmed by the Examination Office at Swansea University. These timetables are published in mid-December for January examinations and in early April for May/June examinations.
  • Swansea University will not proctor any examinations for students.
  • Swansea University will not allow students to sit Swansea examinations at their home universities.

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Provisional Module / Class Selection

Single semester i.e. TB1 can ONLY apply for a maximum of 60 credits

Full academic year i.e. TB1 and TB2 can ONLY apply for a maximum of 120 credits

Please use the online module catalogue to find out about the classes available to you and populate the module section below.

Disclaimer: Please note that it will not be possible to confirm module selection until students arrive and enrol at Swansea University

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*International students from non-English speaking countries must submit an IELTS certificate as a requirement of their admission.Please use a Microsoft Word or PDF file format