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Please confirm your student type with your home university Study Abroad Office as some universities offer exchange and fee-paying (direct enrolment) options.Exchange Student - Student from a university that has an exchange agreement in place with Swansea University.Fee Paying Visiting Student (direct enrolement)- Usually a student from a university that does not have an exchange agreement in place with Swansea University.
Study period dates are provisional - exact dates will be confirmed with your acceptance at SwanseaThe Fall Term is only available to US direct enrolment students and is subject to exam restrictions.

British Culture & Politics since 1945

Taught over a two week period, before the start of the semester, by an academic member of staff in the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University, this popular programme also includes excursions around the local area. The programme is worth 10 credits (3 US credits or 5 ECTS) and can be included within the tuition fees for direct enrolment students, or is available at a cost of £500 (excluding accommodation) for exchange students.

NOTE: The Spring pre-sessional course is NOT open to students enrolling on the University of Tennessee Resident Director led programme.

We understand it may be difficult to tell us about a disability, medical condition or specific need. However, we encourage you to disclose information about your disability etc. to ensure the University is aware of your support requirements and so we can advise you on how we can best support you. If you do not provide information about your disability, medical condition etc. it may not be possible to arrange or make the necessary adjustments for you.

Important information on modules / class selection

Please note: Due to timetabling, module capacity and other restrictions, it will not be possible to confirm your final module / class selection until you arrive and enrol at Swansea University.

Modules / classes at Swansea University are either taught in Semester 1 (TB1 modules), Semester 2 (TB 2 modules) or throughout the whole academic year (TB1 & 2 modules)

  • Semester 1 students can only select modules taught and assessed in semester 1 (TB1 only)
  • Semester 2 students can only select modules taught and assessed in semester 2 (TB2 only)
  • TB1&2 modules can only be taken by students spending the full academic year at Swansea.

How many modules can I select?

Full year students can select up to a total of 120 Swansea University credits, Semester students can select up to 60 Swansea University credits. Please note: 120 Swansea University Credits = 60 ECTS or 36 US credits

Which level modules can I select?

Students are encouraged to select year 1 (HE level 4) or year 2 (HE level 5) modules. However it is possible to enrol on year 3 (HE level 6) modules if you have a sound background in that subject area (please note there are no re-sit opportunities for year 3 modules)

Module Assessment

When selecting your modules please pay attention to the method of assessment. Some modules are assessed by essay, others are assessed by examinations.

Please note that semester 1(TB1) modules in Engineering, Maths, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Business, Economics & Geography are all assessed by examination in January and students are required to be present for these. There is NO alternative assessment available in any of these subject areas.

TB2 modules in the above subject areas are assessed by examination only, there is no alternative assessment available. Students are required to be present for all examinations and should not arrange return flights home until their final examination timetable is confirmed by the Examination Office in Swansea University.

Module / classes availability & restrictions

Please consult the module information carefully and be aware of any restrictions in place e.g. Pre-requisites or some details may include statements such as 'Not available to Visiting & Exchange Students'

Restrictions for School of Management modules - Please note that ERASMUS students wishing to pursue modules in the School of Management must be aware that the academic staff will be permitted to restrict enrolment onto certain modules and your initial preferences will be subject to approval by the School of Management.

Modules in the Department of Adult & Continuing Education (DACE) e.g. module codes beginning with DA; and modules in Social Work e.g. module codes beginning ASQ or SW, are NOT available to Visiting and Exchange students.

NOTE: The College of Engineering and the School of Management classes are taught at the Bay Campus. The Colleges of Arts and Humanities, Science, Law, Medicine, and Human & Health Science are taught on the Singleton Campus. Please note that If you select modules/classes from across the two campuses you will have to travel between the two sites.

Please indicate that you accept the rules and regulations by typing "Yes" below:

Provisional Module / Class Selection

Single semester i.e. TB1 can ONLY apply for a maximum of 60 credits

Full academic year i.e. TB1 and TB2 can ONLY apply for a maximum of 120 credits

Please use the online module catalogue to find out about the classes available to you and populate the module section below.

Disclaimer: Please note that it will not be possible to confirm module selection until students arrive and enrol at Swansea University

You are NOT required to input modules / classes

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A copy of a passport sized photoPlease use a standard image format (e.g. jpeg, png)
A copy of the biographical page/s of your passport (if you do not currently hold a passport, you must commence application process immediately).For EU students, a copy of national ID is sufficientPlease use a standard image format (e.g. jpeg, png)
A copy of your most recent academic transcript (either on university letterhead or university stamped)Please use a Microsoft Word or PDF file format
International students from Non-English speaking countries ONLY must submit an IELTS Certificate as a requirement of their admissionPlease use a Microsoft Word or PDF file format